I3 - Seaside routes

The long littoral area of Veneto is characterised by landscaped dominated by water: from scenes of the Po River Delta to the fishing valley, reaching the Venetian Lagoon after having crossed the mouths of both the Adige and Brenta Rivers, and then crossing the eastern part of the coast, with long beaches of golden sand where the Sile, Piave, Livenza and Tagliamento Rivers cross.

The itinerary leaves from the historic centre of Rovigo, a city filled with accounts of a thriving past. From Rovigo, the itinerary heads towards Adria (province of Rovigo) and the Delta of the Po River, an area populated by numerous species of aquatic birds- in particular the pink flamingo- that have set up their habitat among the marsh reeds and willows.

From the Delta of the Po River the path climbs back up towards Chioggia (province of Venice), a town called "little Venice". The trail then reaches the coastal littoral stretch renowned for its long beaches of dolomitic sand and the green pinewood forests, a destination preferred by many tourists that every summer pack the campsites and hotels of Treporti, Cavallino, Jesolo. Eraclea Mare and Caorle. After having admired the stunning Church of the Blessed Virgin of the Angel in Carole, the itinerary sets off again towards the final stops, long cyclable paths that cross rustic landscapes, flourishing pinewood forests and lively city centres, finally ending once reaching the lighthouse in Bibione, at the mouth of the Tagliamento River.

I3.1 - Rovigo-Adria. From the city of roses to the Delta    (Traccia GPX)

I3.2 - Adria-Rosolina Mare-Chioggia. Road through the Valleys   (Traccia GPX)

I3.3 - Chioggia- Cavallino Treporti. Passage across the Venetian Lagoon   (Traccia GPX)

I3.4 - Cavallino Treporti-Jesolo-Eraclea-Caorle. Between the Sile and Tagliamento    (Traccia GPX)

I3.5 - Caorle-Portogruaro-Bibione. Across the River and into the Trees    (Traccia GPX)

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