I4 - From the Dolomites to Venice

From the angular landscapes of the Dolomites to the long stretching views of the lagoon, the panorama you encounter during this striking itinerary gently changes while passing across the soft Alpine foothills of the Treviso area. This adventure offers the chance to get to know the territory from the most northern province of the Veneto region, Belluno, to the costal area of the regional capital city, Venice.

The itinerary leaves from Belluno, exploring one of the most varied regions of the Peninsula. From the cyclable paths, among the forests and trails, to the paths that connect one location to another, the network of courses in this zone makes travelling by bike very easy. Upon leaving Belluno, the itinerary then descends along the course of the Piave River towards Cansiglio, from here the fertile Alpago region is reached. The whole course is dotted with small villages with delicious culinary traditions, best paired with local wine.

The Fadalto pass leads to Vittorio Veneto (province of Treviso) and to the Battle Museum, which collects numerous relics from the Great War. Getting back on the road, which enchants with its glimpses into the rural world, the next stop is Conegliano with is beautiful medieval castle. Across Susegana and Montebelluna, the city of Treviso is reached, a cultural centre with precious architectural wonders connected to the Venetian mainland by a breathtaking itinerary along the Sile River.

The various stops are downloadable in pdf document as well as gpx format for satellite navigators

I4.1 - Cortina-Calalzo. Long way of the Dolomites   -  (Traccia GPX)

I4.2 - Belluno-Vittorio Veneto. At the foot of the Cansiglio -  (Traccia GPX)

I4.3 - Vittorio Veneto-Treviso. Through the Prosecco hills   -  (Traccia GPX)

I4.4 - Treviso-Venice. Between the Sile and the Piave  -  (Traccia GPX)

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