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Castles in the province of Rovigo

Evidence of old towns, the settings of bitterly fought battles for the control of the area.

The town walls, crenellated towers and castles in the Rovigo area tell the story of past epochs when the Polesine was an area fought over by the D'Este, Della Scala and Carraresi families due to its strategic position and its thriving towns.

The city of Rovigo grew rapidly during the tenth century, the period when building work on the Castle probably began. The castle - only the keep still remains - underwent numerous alterations until the fourteenth century, a period during which towers and drawbridges were added to the original building. The keep, known as the Torre Donà, reaches a height of fifty metres and is one of the tallest surviving Italian medieval towers; next to the keep lie the ruins of the Torre Grimani while along the former city walls it is still possible to admire the Torre Pighin.

About ten kilometres from Rovigo lies the town of Arquà Polesine where Castle Estense stands. The castle has a crenellated tower which is three storeys high and the main building looks over a courtyard.

The small town of Lendinara was once dominated by CastleTrivellin although the only surviving trace is a massive tower which overlooks the square. The castle was built in the thirteenth century by the Cattaneo family and was replaced by the D'Este family with a fortress that was converted over the centuries into an aristocratic residence.




Torre Donà a Rovigo

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