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Castles in the province of Belluno

Discovering the past in the Belluno area with its splendid old castles and beautiful scenery

The area around Belluna is dotted with castles that have preserved the charm of remote epochs.

The castle of Zumelle is situated in Mel and seems to have come straight out of a fairy tale about knights and kings. The building is perched high up on an outcrop that dominates the valley. Over the centuries the lords of Belluno, Feltre, Ceneda and the Alta Marca Trevigiana laid siege to the castle but it still survives to this day as the most perfectly preserved castle in the Belluno area.

The Castle of Alboino was built in the sixth century AD in the beautiful area of Feltre. Destroyed and rebuilt on several occasions, its name is associated with Alboin, the king of the Lombards. All that remains today is one of the four towers of the castle, known as the Campanon which has, over time, become the symbol of Feltre.

A short distance away from Feltre in the hamlet of Arson stands the Castle of Lusa. The castle has been recently restored and has a beautiful Renaissance loggia with a double order of columns that overlooks an inner courtyard. The building contains exquisite Renaissance furniture and houses temporary craft exhibitions.

Lastly, the village of Andraz, in the municipality of Livinallongo del Col di Lana, preserves the last traces of what was once a magnificent castle, built on a large rocky outcrop which dominates the wooded valley stretching from Passo Falzarego to the valley of Col di Lana.





Castello di Andraz

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