Campionato Veronese di S-cianco
Event details Sport - Festivals and folklore On 24 March 2024 - On 14 April 2024 - On 21 April 2024 - On 26 May 2024 - From 1 June 2024 To 2 June 2024 - On 16 June 2024 Verona Ask for info (0039) 045 8309162
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The Veronese S-cianco Championship, now in its XXII edition, will start on 24 March 2024 from Piazza XVI Ottobre in Verona and will then travel to various municipalities in the province, until it returns to Verona where, on 16 June 2024 in the square of Castel San Pietro, the final will be held.

This championship is dedicated to the traditional game called S-Cianco or Lippa, which has been unconsciously passed down until today. Throughout many traditional activities have been repeated in many places and different people are the bearers of an ancient knowledge, the protagonists of games activities which offer games procedure bound to territories and cultures. The players, rather the games communities, groups of people who carry on traditions of that place and they bring them to the future maintaining an identity bound to their history and territory; are in the middle of the games activity, which requires juggling, quickness of movement and thought and concentration skill.

The Ancient Games Association (A.G.A.), the organizer of Festival Tocatì, supports the preservation of traditional games communities, which use games as a way to preserve the historical memory, the environmental peculiarities and the social creativity of a country. The traditional game has been recognized as an Intangible Cultural Heritage (UNESCO Covention 2003).

Source: IAT Verona