Covolo and Valle delle Sfingi

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The Sphinx Valley can only be reached on foot and we recommend hiking clothes.

Camposilvano is a small town in the province of Verona, which safeguards the secrets of the world of paleontology.

While the interesting Geopaleontological Museum accompanies us in our discovery of fossils, dinosaur remains, and tools used by our ancestors, the nearby village of Covolo takes us into a mysterious rocky world. In fact, there is an ancient 80-metre deep cave whose ceiling has caved in as a result of the persistent karst phenomenon.

Not far from these sites lies the picturesque Valley of the Sphinxes (Valle delle Sfingi).

This small valley, complete with stone monoliths, is partially associated with the Egyptian sphinxes.

It seems that Dante Alighieri in his Divine Comedy was inspired by the Covolo area to describe some parts of Hell.