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Alzaia del Sile

Foto di Gianfranco Speranza
Route details Recommended period Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter Phone +39 0422 321994

The Sile River Nature Park is full of walking and cycling trails. These include the GiraSile, the pedestrian/cycle network that follows the entire course of the river from Casacorba di Vedelago to Portegrandi di Quarto d'Altino. 

Just outside the walls of Treviso awaits a beautiful walk in nature that will allow you to switch off for a couple of hours and leave behind the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Along this route you will encounter the splendid landscapes carved out by Sile, the longest spring-fed river in Europe. This is the so-called Strada Alzaia, or Alzaia, which runs from Treviso to Casier: a route that you can travel on foot or by bicycle, perfect also for families with children because it unfolds along dirt roads or low-traffic asphalt roads. Once, the ancient “Strada Alzaia" was used to tow from the shore (using oxen or horses) the large boats that went upstream from Venice to dock at the river port of Treviso.

What will you find along this "green path"? Lush vegetation, Venetian villas, sites of industrial archaeology, a hydrochronometer and the evocative Burci Cemetery. There will be many "local inhabitants" to accompany you on your way, such as common moorhens, coots, mallards, mute swans, moray eels, nightingales, robins, house martins and blue tits.


Technical data
Departure from Treviso, arrival at Casier and return: about 14 km
Level of difficulty: easy
Duration of round trip: approx. 4 hours
Elevation gain: flat

The Burcio was a large flat-bottomed boat used for river-based commercial transport. It was built in Chioggia, Padua, in the Po Delta and its dimensions could differ greatly, with a capacity varying from 35 to 180 tons.