One thousand and one forking paths

The Labyrinth dedicated to Borges

Foto di Giulia Scatto
Route details Recommended period Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter Phone+39 366 42 02 181
The tour is audio guided and admission tickets may be purchased on the Cini Foundation website

There is a green corner on the Venetian island of San Giorgio Maggiore where the streets branch off and merge: this is the Labyrinth dedicated to Jorge Luis Borges, designed by the Englishman Randoll Coate at the request of the Argentine writer's wife 25 years after his death.


About 3200 boxwood shrubs create a complex Labyrinth that represents the typical disorder of the contemporary era, inspired by the writing of Borges “The gardens of forking paths”. Looking at the Labyrinth from the bell tower of the Basilica one clearly sees the layout of the Labyrinth that resembles two open pages of a large book where the letters of his name and the most evocative symbols of his works are duplicated and mirrored. 

Stroll through his forking paths on the notes of the “Walking the Labyrinth”, the melody composed for the occasion by Antonio Fresa and performed by the orchestra of the Teatro La Fenice. The 4 movement suite lasts 15 minutes with rhythms that mark the metaphor of human existence, backwards: from death to wisdom, from the search for oneself to end with the spark of the beginning of life.

Take a day off from the hustle and bustle of Venice and discover the treasures of San Giorgio island.