Lago di Auronzo

Lago di Auronzo - foto di Luisa Quinto

Lake Santa Caterina, better known as Lake Auronzo, is a stretch of clear waters ranging in hue from emerald green to sky-blue and extending for two kilometres along the Ansiei Valley, in Auronzo di Cadore.

Embedded between dense woods and majestic peaks, this man-made lagoon was created in the 1930s by damming the Ansiei river, and has ever since revealed itself in all its beauty to the many visitors who come here each year. The unspoilt nature and towering Dolomites that frame it - including the Three Peaks of Lavaredo and the UNESCO World Heritage Site Cadini di Misurina - offer a breathtaking view that will surely capture your heart.

In summer, Lake Auronzo is the ideal destination to switch off and rejuvenate in the open air. The wide shared use (foot and cycle) path that runs along almost the entire perimeter of the lake will allow you to relax in the surroundings of lush nature, with pleasant walks or bike trips. Kayaks, rowing boats and pedalòs are available for those looking for fun on the water, while sun worshippers will find a small equipped beach for enjoyable sunbathing even in the mountains. The lake is also the perfect place for a picnic with the whole family, for a lunch of typical Cadore dishes, or for an aperitif at sunset with a picture-postcard view!

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