The way of the seven chapels

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Useful advice Travelling on foot

The road of the seven chapels is a short but scenic route around the foot of the Rocca di Monselice fortress; it consists of six chapels and a small church built by the famous architect Vincenzo Scamozzi from Vicenza. From the centre of Monselice, you get to the tour's starting point by passing through Piazza Mazzini and Porta Romana. From here, the road continues slightly uphill until you reach the seven chapels, a short route that affords a beautiful view of the Po Valley.

The first of these small places of worship was built in 1592 by the noble Venetian Duodo family, the other five votive chapels were built later in 1605. Inside each of them is an altarpiece painted by Jacopo Palma il Giovane, each devoted to a different saint. The culmination of this short walk is the Shrine of St. George, said of the Saints, the last of the seven churches. Inside, there are 25 bodies of Christian martyrs and other relics that were transferred here beginning in 1651. The tour ends in an area enclosed by Renaissance-style Villa Duodo, also designed by Scamozzi, and by the road that leads to the Mastio Federiciano keep.

Villa Duodo

Renaissance complex by Scamozzi. It stands in the square at the end of the Via del Santuario. Your eyes are immediately drawn to the spectacular 17th-century staircase embellished with statues, attributed to Bonazza, depicting the phases of the day: sunrise, noon, sunset and night.