Santuario delle Sette Chiesette
Colli Euganei

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The Colli Euganei offer a unique environment where there are hermitages and sanctuaries, linked by roads and paths of faith where one can surround oneself in a deep spirituality.

The ideal route to discover the religiosity of the Colli starts from the Abbazia di Praglia, in the municipality of Teolo. Built in the fifteenth century, it is still inhabited by Benedictine monks. Do not miss the double cloister, refectory, library and tasting of local products made by the monks (herbal teas, honeys and wines). At about ten kilometres to the west, there are two structures dependent on the Abbey: the Santuario del Monte della Madonna and the seventeenth-century Chiesa Antica di Sant'Antonio Abate.

Returning towards the east, the Camaldolese di Monte Rua Hermitage, which still houses a religious community of monks that can only be visited by male followers, is a space for meditation and tranquility. In neighbouring Torreglia there is the eleventh century Chiesa di San Sabino, flanked by the hermitage of San Luca and just to the south is the thirteenth-century Hermitage Santa Domenica di Monte Ricco.

The historic heart of Monselice, on the southern edge of the Colli, houses the Santuario delle Sette Chiesette, an architectural complex consisting of six chapels decorated by Palma il Giovane, and the Chiesa di San Giorgio overlooking the majestic Villa Duodo.

Villa dei Vescovi

The Euganean Hills also hold a treasure owned by the FAI (Italian Environmental Fund): the pre-Palladian Villa dei Vescovi, in Luvigliano di Torreglia. Inside, there is period furniture and panels illustrating the various phases of construction, while outside, there are large gardens where you can walk in the quiet of the hills.