Medieval Festival
Event details Music and concerts - Festivals and folklore From 7 June 2024 To 9 June 2024 (only Friday, Saturday, Sunday) Affi Website Ask for info
The Borgo Antico (Ancient Village) of Affi opens up to the attentive and curious tourist to rediscover the hidden corners steeped in rural history that still lives on thanks to its people who, with passion over time, have given life to a historical re-enactment that boasts primacy among the small villages of the Baldo-Garda hinterland.

This hamlet climbs gently at the foot of the characteristic 'Monte Moscal' promontory on which the medieval hermitage of Sant'Andrea stood in 1200.

What will be proposed to visitors will be the animated representation of ancient arts and crafts, such as spinning, embroidery, and iron-beating, which will be hosted along a suggestive itinerary of courtyards and streets. In this setting, the palio delle contrade will take place, a challenge for the coveted trophy.

Markets, exhibitions and unique shows in one of the most characteristic medieval villages in the Verona area. During these two days the village will be protected by valiant knights and fearless archers. Musicians will play and sing for you non-stop. Flag-wavers and jugglers will put on a show in the squares and parades. In the streets you will meet tireless workers and craftsmen's workshops: the carpenter, the weaver, the basket maker, the potter, the leather worker and the patient amanuensis, the goldsmith and the skilful apothecary, the stonemason and the baker, the papermaker and the salt and relic merchants.

Source: IAT Bardolino