Foto Matteo Danesin

Veneto on foot, the poetry of travelling

Veneto on foot offers an enviable variety of landscapes. From a naturalistic point of view, the region comprises a great diversity of ecosystems: from the Dolomite conifer forests to the evergreen woods of the Adriatic coast.

From a historical point of view, thousand-year-old cities and towns that have been the cradle of many civilizations alternate along the paths. This is a cultural and environmental heritage, knowledge of which is equivalent to the discovery of a true treasure.

A walking holiday may seem a strange idea, in reality it is an experience shared by a growing number of tourists, also in Veneto.

But why choose a walking vacation? You travel on foot to return to nature. You walk to put yourself to the test or to keep in shape. You embark on a walk to experience the fascination of the ancient roads of pilgrims or merchants. The decision can arise from the desire for a spiritual search, from the desire to rediscover historic trails or immerse yourself in natural or literary landscapes.

In any case when travelling on foot you can appreciate the slowness and there is the awareness of just leaving the imprint of your shoes on the environment.