Vincenzo Schettini
Event details Dance and theatre On 5 January 2024 Verona Website Ask for info (0039)045 8006100
Vincenzo Schettini, the most beloved "professor influencer" of the web, arrives at the theatre, transforming the stage into a large classroom, where the spectators become pupils and will be immersed in a lesson so fascinating that it becomes an overwhelming show.

In Verona, his show will be staged at Teatro Nuovo on January 5th, 2024. Between physics experiments and suggestions that this magnificent subject can have in our daily lives, the audience will be involved in a unique and immersive theatrical experience.

After having created and launched the YouTube channel “La Fisica che ci Piace” in 2017, Schettini felt the need to look around just to answer the questions of his followers, thus creating the figure of “Il Prof Che Ci Piace”, a blog that is the evolution of himself, the space for thousands of students who want to learn while having fun and a great opportunity for many professors who feel attracted to the net and the possibility of taking classes online.

Throughout Italy there are millions of people who follow the physics lessons of the histrionic Professor Schettini. His secret? The truly unique ability to empathize with everyone, possible thanks to the sensibility of a teacher always ready to emphasize the love and passion for his subject.

Source: IAT Verona