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The valley is to be enjoyed slowly: on foot, by bicycle, on horseback or by kayak

In Bibione, there are natural areas with a high degree of biodiversity, such as Valgrande, a fishing valley considered an area of regional landscape conservation. Although privately owned, for some years Valgrande has welcomed visitors by offering eco-friendly excursions, protecting the environment and its natural balance.

The area covers 360 hectares and fauna and flora are protected by a fence in order to preserve a harmonious and respectful relationship between man and nature.  Until three centuries ago, Valgrande was a huge swamp and it took minimum effort to make it suitable for breeding fish such as mullet, sea bass, eel and sea bream.  The excursion in this haven of uncontaminated nature is about 10 kilometres long and, step by step, you move deeper within an enchanted environment of reeds, crystal clear water and woodland. June is ideal time to see the colony of pink flamingos that settles near the lake and, with a little luck, you will also spot roe deer, fallow deer and wild horses.

Do not miss the Motteron dei Frati, a fossil dune which, at 11 metres tall, is the highest on the North Adriatic coast. Formed by the action of the wind, the dune covers the remains of a Roman villa with its beautiful mosaics.