From the Treviso Marca to Caorle

Route details Recommended period Spring, Autumn Phone+39 0422 541052
Useful advice: The route covers a distance of about one hundred kilometres, travelling on well-maintained tarmac roads. The recommended period is from April to September.
For the enthusiasts of moto-tourism the hills of the Treviso Marca are the ideal setting for experiencing intense emotions, along a continuous succession of curves, immersed in the beauty of the landscape and dominated by the presence of Prosecco vineyards.
The route starts from Valdobbiadene and finishes in Caorle, an ancient maritime city, today a modern centre of tourism for the upper-Adriatic coast. The first part of the journey crosses the lands which are home to the production of Prosecco di Conegliano-Valdobbiadene DOCG: from Valdobbiadene we go down the SP2 towards the small village of Bigolino, we then proceed along the SP34 which brings us to Vidor and leads us to Ponte della Priula, intersecting the SS13. At this point, we have two alternatives: we can turn left in the direction of Susegana and Conegliano to then descend towards Oderzo, or turn right, crossing the Piave and proceeding towards the towns of Spresiano, Maserada sul Piave and Breda di Piave, to then cross back over the 'homeland of the sacred river' near Ponte di Piave and then back towards Oderzo.

After a stop in the historic centre of the ancient Opitergium, we get back on our bikes, proceeding towards the beautiful centres of Gorgo al Monticano and Motta di Livenza. The route concludes with joining the SP59 which takes us straight to Caorle, with its long coastline of wide golden beaches and green pinewoods.
There are numerous wine cellars to visit in the first part of the route. Vidor Castle offers a beautiful view over the surrounding area. Do not miss a stroll in Piazza Grande in Oderzo, where you can admire the precious sundial. In Caorle, you cannot miss a visit to the old town centre and a stroll along the Levante promenade.