The Alpine Paths of the Dolomites

The Alte Vie of the Dolomites are spectacular alpine routes that cross Veneto's mountains. Being fit, a keen sense of direction, and basic knowledge of mountaineering techniques are necessary. They are long hikes that may be interrupted during the day by stopping over in shelters and bivouacsArmed with maps and appropriate equipment, everyone can choose their own path, decide what rhythms to follow from shelter to shelter and choose from many variants.

Dealing with the via ferratas, routes equipped with iron ladders, cables, and bridges, however, requires technical skills and specific equipment. The trails are marked with a symbol: a triangle of red paint with the trail's number inside.

It is advisable to take the path after the thaw, in late June. Guest accommodations in the mountains are open for a period that goes about from 20 June to 20 September. Some shelters are famous in the world of mountaineering and quite popular during high season, so booking is recommended. 

Please be mindful of weather conditions, which can often change suddenly and force unplanned stops.