The Colli Berici

Route details Recommended period Spring, Summer, Autumn Phone+39 0444 964380

To be travelled even by bicycle on asphalted roads or rough tracks. Warning: the route has continuous ups and downs and changes of pace and difficulty.

Gentle hills with soft silhouettes and extremely white stone, the Colli Berici are characterized by pristine nature and are practically a huge oasis abounding in scenery and architectural beauty. But the particular attraction of the Colli Berici is found in its calcareous rock which, being subjected to the karstic phenomenon, models the lands and creates fascinating views.

Well worth a visit is the Santuario della Madonna di Monte Berico [the Shrine of Our Lady of Monte Berico] at the Vicenza Gate; the famous Villa Capra, nicknamed "La Rotonda", one of Palladio's masterworks of architecture; the medieval ruins of the Rocca dei Vescovi in Brendola; and the Church of San Giovanni in Monte in Zovencedo. In Nanto the stone of the hills is celebrated with the event called Nantopietra, an international sculpture exhibition-festival.

However, it is the terrain itself that suggests the most original itineraries along simple country footpaths, bridle paths and trails through the woods. There is much to be explored around Lake Fimon, a place of extraordinary historical-naturalistic importance due to the presence of flora and fauna typical of humid ecosystems. An incredibly peaceful hike of about 5 km on a dirt road closed to traffic will lead you through scenery with colors, scents and flavors that you thought had been lost forever.

How to get around:
On a bicycle. Be warned that the route consists of constant uphill/downhill stretches, with many changes in pace and exertion.

A must:  You must absolutely taste the Scorsone, a variety of summer truffle having a blackish color, frequently used in the local restaurants.

Mossano is home to the Grotta di San Bernardino, the Saint from Siena who used it as a refuge in the 15th century. Immersed in nature, the cave offers a truly striking and unique view of the Val di Palù, the San Pancrazio Hill, the Euganean Hills and the Veneto plain.