The Brent de l'Art

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Wear appropriate shoes, sometimes the ground is slippery

The Brent de l'Art, situated in Valbelluna, are canyons carved into the rock, and represent one of the most interesting geological sites of the left bank of the river Piave. The name Brent comes from "brentana", a word that in the local dialect means describes the flood of a torrent or river after heavy rainfall; Art is the diminished form of Ardo, the name of the torrent in question.

The formation of these evocative canyons dates back to the end of the Würm glacial period (around 8000-10000 BC), when erosion occurred as a result of meteoric waters rich in abrasive dusts and grains.

Despite their small dimensions, the unique shape and the composition of their layers of marmoreal limestone – not to mention their characteristic colours ranging from red to white and grey-green – make them the most fascinating gorges of the area, amongst the environmental monuments of the Prealps of Belluno.

The Brent de l'Art are near Sant'Antonio Tortal, a hamlet of Trichiana (province of Belluno), and can be reached by a quiet and pleasant walk, leaving the town along a protected path that only becomes a little steep and slippery in its last segment. Sportswear and hiking boots are recommended. 


Leave your car in the car park at Sant'Antonio di Tortal. The journey is about one kilometre. Panels illustrate local flora and fauna, as well as geological elements. Wear hiking boots and suitable clothing.