The Mystery Man The mystery of the Shroud of Turin
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The Church of San Domenico in Chioggia is the venue for this exhibition in which the three-dimensional, hyper-realistic face and body of the mysterious man of the Turin Shroud will be revealed.

The exhibition, divided into six sections, is a journey through art, history and science, and traces the last moments of Christ's life and the special events surrounding the Shroud. Technology plays a key role, and it will be possible to actually enter an immersive space, but the tour culminates in the room that houses the imposing three-dimensional, hyper-realistic sculpture of the mysterious man of the Shroud, created according to strict scientific and forensic criteria, which faithfully reproduces the man who could have been Jesus after his death.

Made of latex and silicone, and fitted with natural hair, the work depicts a horizontal, totally naked man about 1.78 metres tall and weighing approximately 75 kg. On his body are numerous wounds attributable to torture and crucifixion; his face is swollen and his hair is soaked in sweat and blood: the marks of the Passion of Christ.

In addition, objects described in the Gospel accounts, along with various historical and scientific documents on the Shroud, will be on display. These include a reproduction of the thirty pieces of silver paid to Judas, a selection of different Roman spears dating back to the period of the Crucifixion, and various iconographies that have represented Christ through the centuries.

Source: IAT Chioggia Sottomarina