TRANSCAVALLO La Grande Course Ski Mountaineering circuit
Event details Sport - Festivals and folklore From 16 February 2024 To 18 February 2024 Tambre Website Ask for info +39 350 1932852

It's already time for the 41st TRANSCAVALLO. The first stage is in Piancavallo, in Friuli-Venezia Giulia; on Saturday we return to Veneto, in Alpago (Tambre) for the second and final stage.

We will retrace the ridges that have made ski mountaineering history in the modern era: daring and panoramic peaks with steep gullies provide the perfect setting. There will also be some surprises with interesting ski mountaineering variants, where nothing can be taken for granted.

Also on Saturday, the 4th "Classic Individual Race" is proposed, another F.I.S.I. circuit and suitable for those who want to experience the Transcavallo spirit over a slightly reduced distance, about 15km, which is no less satisfying in terms of technicality and beauty of the route.

It was a popular new event in 2023, and therefore the 2nd edition of the "Alpago Ski-Alp Experience" will return on Sunday 18 February, a gathering open to everyone, without any competitive aspect but an opportunity to walk the trail left by the big names of world ski mountaineering, with the help of CAI instructors and alpine guides. Don't forget that ski mountaineering will make its debut at the 2026 Milan Cortina Olympic Games.

Source: IAT Feltre