Split Mountain

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Wear suitable boots for slippery ground
The Montagna Spaccata is a deep mountain crevice caused by the Torrazzo river, located not far from the ski lifts of Recoaro Mille, in the province of Vicenza. The alluring path, with spellbinding natural effects and contours, inside the crevice climbs 92 meters.

Time seems to stand still in this picturesque ravine, perhaps as a result of the ancient spell woven according to the legend of the anguana - an acquatic nymph - Etele and Jordan.
According to the myth, the intriguing and witch-like 'anguane' women lived short lives. The most famous was Etele, daughter of the Sorceress of the woods. She married young Jordan despite knowing that her fate was dictated by a spell which would make her disappear on her mother's death. When the tragic moment came, Etele tried to flee from Jordan to meet her fate. Pursued by her husband, she reached the foot of a towering cliff and an explosion shook the earth, splitting the rock in two. The anguana was sucked into the crevice and disappeared. And this is how Montagna Spaccata was created, or so legend has it.

Fairy tales aside, this gorge is a truly enchanting place which can be visited by day and at night. A level walkway of about three hundred meters leads to a two-hundred step climb and footbridges which grant views of the splendid and turbulent waters of the Torrazzo. The surrounding park has also been overhauled and has become an oasis of ferns, lichens and age-old pine trees.
The route begins with a walk of about three hundred metres on flat land, followed by climbing two hundred steps and a few walkways from which you can admire the beautiful water show of the turbulent waters of the Torrazzo.
The surrounding park is an oasis populated by ferns, lichens and ancient firs.