The coast appreciated for the quality of its fine sand

Sottomarina, a piece of land that faces the Adriatic sea is approximately ten kilometres that goes from the outpouring of the Brenta up to that of the Adige. In the past Sottomarina was famous for its land that is particularly suitable for the growing of vegetables, today this area is appreciated for its fine sand that is rich with minerals.

Sottomarina is a destination for families that find peacefulness and areas suitable for children. There are a lot of places for tourists to stay and many different activities: parks, structures for volley ball, basket ball, tennis, small harbours, canoeing, centres where tourists can rent windsurfs and horseback riding schools.

The seabed offers divers a unique view. There are the tegnùe, natural reefs that are made up of organisms such as calcareous red algae and a large variety of life forms that populate this seabed. The sponges and anemones are particularly striking because of their shapes and colours and the rocks are teemed with crustaceans, small hermit crabs, lobsters and scorpion fish. There are even large conger eels and croakers.

Tourists should also go and see the nearby town of Chioggia, with its herringbone pattern urban structure, a small Venice with streets and canals, palaces and churches and houses with typical chimneys that recall the places told in Goldoni's plays.

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Marchi Beach

Where: Lungomare Adriatico, Chioggia - 30015 Province of Venice


This 6-kilometre stretch of land is just south of Venice, between the Adriatic Sea and the mouth of the Brenta River.

Around a million tourists visit this coastline every year; it's history is strongly rooted in seafaring tradition, while the hinterland is carpeted with vegetable crops.

This is Sottomarina, a seaside resort in Chioggia known as "Little Venice", owing to its architectural features.

As well as for its famous beach, Sottomarina is also well-known for its fishing tradition and for the treasures hidden on the sea bed.

Indeed, diving enthusiasts can admire the tegnùe, veritable reefs built by organisms such as calcareous red algae, inhabited by a variety of brightly coloured and interestingly shaped life forms (sponges and anemones).

The "inclusive" Marchi Beach" is located at the end of the Lungomare Adriatico and boasts beautiful natural surroundings far from the busiest tourist areas, perfect for those who seek peace and quiet.

Visitors to the resort can enjoy their own private space with sunbeds and a large umbrella. Proximity to the dam ensures the sea is clean and maintains its intense blue colour, especially in the early morning.

The resort has a first aid point and free identification bracelets are provided for families to help in the event of children getting lost. All facilities are adapted for access and use by reduced mobility and disabled visitors.


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