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Somadida Forest

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Wear comfortable clothing and hiking boots. Guided tours from June to September, booking only

With over 1600 hectares, the Forest of Somadida is the largest forest of Cadore and one of the most beautiful forests of the Dolomites. The crown on this beautiful forest, located in Palus San Marco, consists of the majestic peaks of Cristallo, Sorapiss and Tre Cime di Lavaredo.

The Forest of Somadida in the past was used by La Serenissima [Venetian Republic] as a reserve of valuable timber for its navy, while today it is a protected area and containing natural and wildlife heritage of great value.

Under the tall Norway Spruce and silver fir trees, the larch and beech trees, there lies an underbrush that boasts some of the most beautiful flowers of the Dolomites. Beautiful and rare is the "lady's slipper", a velvety mountain orchid, or the Turk's cap lily in shades of purplish-pink, or the singular One-flowered Wintergreen, having delicate white flowers.

Do not miss the delicious blueberry, in its black and red varieties, a basic ingredient of delicious jams. As for the fauna, in this area there is always the fox, then chamois, deer and roe deer; and the black bear has reappeared.

The forest can be visited in every season and there are many different trails to take: a quiet stroll, a ride on horseback or mountain bike. In the winter it is also possible to take a ride on a sled pulled by dogs.

Near the Visitor Centre, you can find "The Forest Library", where dozens of books and audio guides for the blind on the forest and nature in general are available to visitors.