Foto di Luisa Quinto
Silence Trail, Memory Gateway

Route details Recommended period Spring, Summer, Autumn Phone+39 0424 447911

Useful advice: To be travelled on foot

In the High Valley of Campomulo, in the municipality of Gallio, there is an area of extraordinary historical interest: the plain of Campomuletto. We are on the Asiago Plateau, in the province of Vicenza, an area characterized by the typical silence of  mountain areas but that was the scene of the historic battlefields of the Great War. The plain has been chosen as an area for the realization of the ”Sentiero del Silenzio, Porta della Memoria” (Silence Trail, Memory Gateway). A name chosen not by chance, because here the visitor is invited to silence, reflection and the respect of these places marked by tragic episodes of the first world war.

The trail, approximately 2 kilometres long and suitable for adults and children, winds around the Campomuletto refuge between trenches, battle stations, cemeteries. And despite the attacks and the deep wounds left by the war, this environment has been preserved intact over time, while maintaining its beauty with extensive conifer woods and pastures.

There are ten art installations by Diego Morlin along the path, inserted in a non-invasive manner and perfectly adapted to the morphology of the area, all accompanied by a script or a poem that invites reflection. You will walk between prisons of wood, lines of crosses, arms raised to heaven, flowers of steel, large silhouettes of soldiers who still appear to confront one another...

A very moving route in remembrance of all those who suffered, fought and gave their lives on these mountains, as well as a moment of reflection on the priceless value of peace.