Religious Tourism

Enough of hurry, fatigue, stress. There are lots of tourists who are tired of the usual holiday and the same ritual and choose destinations where the protagonists are silence, and maybe even religious meditation.

Veneto also offers this: shrines, churches, hermitages, convents, monasteries, places of faith spread throughout the area and steeped in great meaning for the Christian tradition. Places of prayer that are appreciated for their artistic and cultural beauties.

Here we suggest some itineraries to help you to discover them and many other gems, whose recollection we hope remains impressed in your memory for a long time.

Padua and the Basilica di Sant'Antonio

The Basilica di S. Antonio is visited each year by millions of believers. The grandiose shrine was begun in 1232 to house the mortal remains of the Saint. Completed in 1310, today its enormity stands out with domes and minarets, radial chapels and splendid works of art.

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Verona and the Shrine of the Madonna della Corona

Suspended between heaven and earth, clinging to a rocky wall on Monte Baldo, the charming Shrine of the Madonna della Corona is a sacred place of enchanting beauty both for the spirituality that you breathe and for the originality of the landscape that surrounds it.

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Follina and the Abbey of Santa Maria

The Abbey of Santa Maria di Follina and one of the most beautiful holy buildings in Veneto. Located in Follina, indeed, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, a focal point of the religious tourism circuit that leads to the discovery of places rich in spirituality and devotion and of great artistic value.

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Vicenza and the Shrine of Monte Berico

It is the most known and frequented Veneto shrine dedicated to the Marian cult and its origins are linked to the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin. The northern façade opens onto the Piazzale della Vittoria, a panoramic terrace from which you can let your gaze sweep over Vicenza and  the gentle Colli Berici.

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Feltre and the Shrine of the Saints Vittore and Corona

For more than nine centuries this Shrine continues to attract people of every social standing, from the emperors of the Holy Roman Empire (such as Charles IV of Bohemia) to medieval artists who have frescoed its walls, from men of culture to humble people.

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Venice and the Basilica della Madonna della Salute

The Basilica has featured in the view of the San Marco lagoon for more than three hundred years. It was commissioned by the Serenissima (Venetian Republic) as a prayer and as a thanksgiving to the Virgin Mother of God to preserve the city of Venice from the terrible plague of the XVII century

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