Immersed in the peaceful greenery of the "Conca di Smeraldo", Recoaro Terme is situated at the foot of the Small Dolomites in the province of Vicenza. A position that gives the town a varied and suggestive landscape. Famous for the richness of its nine types of water, all having the same  bicarbonate-alkaline property. 

Their therapeutic potential began to be exploited from the end of 1600, when word spread of a “miraculous water of Sant’Antonio”, discovered by Conte Lelio Piovene from Vicenza.

The complex consists of buildings of remarkable historical-artistic interest and is located inside the Parco delle Fonti, that extends over 220,000 sq. m. characterized by fir trees and cedars.

5 thermal springs flow within the spa: Lora, Lelia, Lorgna, Amara and Nuova.

The therapies most followed are inhaling for an antispasmodic and decongestant  action on the bronchial mucosa and mineral water treatment to improve gastric secretion and motility.

Moreover the mud therapy is for treating arthrosis, post-traumatic arthropathy, outcomes of fractures, while the balneotherapy serves to stimulate the nerve endings of the skin and act on the autonomic nervous system.

The ozone baths bring benefits to peripheral vascular diseases and the sulphurous baths are recommended for certain skin diseases and in degenerative arthropathy.

Personalized beauty and wellbeing itineraries are provided for face and body care with treatments that combine the spa water with selected, high quality cosmetic products.

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