Route details Difficultyeasy Length1022 Km Difference m Duration6 tappe in Veneto Departure point Arrival point Recommended period

Brenner is the gateway that connects Italy with the Germanic world today as it did a thousand years ago, when the faithful set forth for Rome, the centre of Christian spirituality.

The route taken by the pilgrims for Rome after crossing the Alps enters Veneto from Valsugana and crosses the plain along the dense network of  once navigable rivers and canals between Bassano del Grappa, Padua, Rovigo and the Po.

One leg after the other the route winds touching upon, among other cities, Ravenna, Arezzo, Viterbo and Rome.

The credential and the testimonium

Each Walk has a credential that attests to the status as pilgrim.

In this travel document issued by the associations that manage the walks, date and place of departure and arrival are shown and the stamps of the churches and places of spirituality reached.

The completion of the credential entitles withdrawal of the testimonium, a seal that attests to the conclusion of the pilgrimage.