In the footsteps of Queen Corner

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Useful advice: Take a day to visit Asolo, the “City of the Hundred Horizons” as Carducci called it

One of the most interesting female characters in the story of the Repubblica Serenissima (The Most Serene Republic of Venice) is Caterina Cornaro, born in Venice in 1454. Caterina was married to the King of Cyprus and Armenia but, after his death, was forced to abdicate in favour of Venice. The Republic of Venice repaid her by bestowing the stronghold of Asolo to her, where she established a very refined court.

Caterina lived in places full of wonder which all together form an evocative itinerary. Leaving from Asolo where the castle, which was the queen's official residence, stands. Also in the Civil Museum and the Cathedral there are paintings and objects dedicated to her person. At Altivole there is the Barco della Regina, a group of buildings, gardens and fountains which constitute Caterina's "place of delights".

There are also some places in Venice which are linked to the Corner family: the Church of S.S. Apostoli, the Church of San Salvador, Ca' Corner della Ca' Granda and Ca' Corner della Regina.

In Padova the Sala dei Giganti (Room of Giants) was remodelled by Girolamo Corner, nephew of Caterina, whilst the Loggia Cornaro can be found in the place which used to be the palace gardens of Alvise Cornaro.

The Caorle Cathedral preserves the precious Pala d'Oro (Golden Globe) of the central apse which Caterina gave to the church as a sign of gratitude for having been rescued by local fisherman during the return journey from Cyprus.

Useful advice: Caterina Cornaro lived in enchanted places full of charm that together make up an evocative route.