The reflections of the Lemene river and the ancient and priceless architecture

Like most places and the beauty of the Venetian area, Portogruarois a treasure to be discovered. The town is crossed by the river Lemene and offers interesting views at every corner that show similarities with the nearby Venice.

The medieval structure of the city centerand its old buildings has remained unchanged while the thirteenth-century wall and numerous building with Italian Gothic and Renaissance style are fascinating examples of the various historical moment that have made their mark on the city.

The fourteenth century Municipal Building overlooks the Piazza della Repubblica and is considered one of the most important medieval monuments in Portogruaro. Adjacent to this building is the well of cranes with its two graceful bronze cranes. The well is considered a symbol of the city.

The two main streets with porticoes, Corso Martiri della Libertà and Via Seminario, are home to typical shops, cafés and osterias where the locals come to meet in front of a glass of wine produced in the Lison-Pramaggiore area.

Tourists should also visit the Mills of Sant'Andrea on the Lemene, the nearby Oratory of the Madonna of the Fish and the various religious buildings that host valuable pieces of art.

Among these is the Duomo that holds a few paintings by Palma the younger and his school. The National Museum of the Concordia is also of great interest. The museum contains Roman and early Christian relics mostly coming from the nearby Concordia Sagittaria.

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