A concentration of beauty just a few kilometres from Treviso

Portobuffolè is a small medieval town nestled in the countryside of the Treviso area. It is one of the Most beautiful villages in Italy as well as one of the towns to receive the Bandiera Arancione (Orange Flag) awarded by Touring Club Italiano for its excellence in tourism, hospitality and the environment.

The historical center is accessed through the gate that leads to Treviso, destroyed in 1918, and immediately the small and sophisticated Piazza Beccaro is seen, surrounded by buildings with important and frescoed facades.

Tourists can arrive to the fourteenth century house of Gaia da Camino, educated and charming lady immortalized by Dante in the sixteenth canto of the Purgatory. Frescoes from the XIV century depicting warriors and characters from the late Middle Ages and the Cycling Museum can be seen in this building.

It was with the Venetian domain that the city experienced its greatest period of splendor becoming an important river port. The Serenissima awarded Portobuffolè with the title of a city, a coat of arms and a Podestà.

In the charming old town there are other buildings to admire besides the house-museum of Gaia da Camino, the Customs, the Monte di Pieta, the Municipal Loggia, the resurfaced Gothic storeroom, and the Duomo, which was a Jewish synagogue before becoming a Christian church.

Inside this church there is a wooden crucifix from the German school of the 1400s and a splendid organ from the Acllido of Venice Company with 472 zinc and tin pipes.

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