Paolo Crepet
Event details Dance and theatre On 11 March 2024 Verona Website Ask for info +39 0437 948874
"I meet so many people, I wonder what they want from me. Certainly a guide, a hope, perhaps even a light that ignites the hearts of young and old. There is thirst and hunger for words, for thought. They are looking for a heresy in a coded world. I can only say to them what I have been telling myself for years throughout my life: “Take the moon”. Be ambitious, seek your uniqueness. You have to keep your forehead high and keep dreaming. The danger lies in the calmness of emotions, in resignation, it is in those who sow laziness and confusion as if it were the rule of the most up-to-date marketing of existence. To oppose all this is my desire, my mission, the reason why I continue to wander in the squares and theatres. I seek freedom, passion, courage. The rest is boring".

The Italian psychiatrist, sociologist, educator, essayist and opinionist Paolo Crepet arrives at the theatre with his lecture show, in the setting of the Teatro Filarmonico for a sold-out event. Thoughts and reflections that from the pages of the book that gave the series its name, the famous psychiatrist chose to bring to the theatres to speak with people, young and adults, families and young people.

Source: IAT Verona