Quattro Passi di Primavera
Event details Sport On 17 March 2024 Verona Website Ask for info +39 380 741 6400
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The Palio del drappo verde, also known as the Palio di Verona, was established more than 800 years ago. The objective of the Verona race has always been running, and for this reason it stands out from other Palios, usually dominated by horse races. A palio verde (the "green cloth") was the prize for the winner of the foot race and a rooster was the prize for the last runner. The Palio del Drappo Verde is notable because never has a foot race been organized for so many centuries; the reason for this is almost certainly to be found in the fact that the requirement to maintain the tender has been incorporated into the Verona law.

The historic running event returns again this year, for its 605th edition. On Sunday 17th March at 8.30 am, the bibs will be delivered to the athletes at the Villa Vendri Park in Santa Maria in Stelle, while the departure is scheduled for 10.00 am. The arrival, refreshments, delivery of the race package and the awards ceremony will also be held in the Villa Park, with entrance from via Pantheon. For more information on the route and registration: www.paliodeldrappoverde.it

Source: Iat Verona