Paddling in the Sile

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Useful advice. An itinerary suited to those who want to discover new perspectives in natural silence, between water and vegetation.

The river Sile, the clear, rich and leafy spring water that rises from the depths of the earth from numerous water springs called "fontanassi", rises in Casacorba di Vedelago (Treviso). 

Thanks to its link with the lagoon and Venice, the river was the main route along which Venetian Patricians settled, building their noble residences along its banks.
Travelling along the old route of the "burci", the traditional boats towed by horses that used to crowd the Sile and were used for commercial transport, you can immerse yourself in the peace and tranquillity of the countryside, discovering an extensive range of fauna including mallards, herons, swans, coots, egrets, grebes and storks.

Among the leafy plants and rich undergrowth of the reeds and aquatic blooms we find elegant villas that are reflected in the clear river water. River villages and ports, small districts with ‘dolphin' structures, docks and towpaths that show evidence of an industrious past, rich in history, art and tradition. 

Navigating among its winding paths, the Sile brings us the memory and the history of the ancient factories (opifici), furnaces, stone wash-houses and windmills. But above all, you will find traces of an important past in a place where the sunken wrecks of the last barges now rest, jealous guardians of the work and efforts of the seafarers who lived there.

The source of the River Sile, with limpid water, rich and verdant, rises from the depths of the earth with numerous springs called "the fontanassi".