"OF BLADES AND SWORDS" Exhibition of steel weapons of the Feltre Museums
Event details Exhibitions From 7 October 2023 To 31 March 2024 (only Friday, Saturday, Sunday) Feltre Website (0039)0439 885242

"Of blades and swords: master swordsmen in Feltre between the fifteenth and seventeenth centuries" is the title of the exhibition that will run until 31 March 2024.

The exhibition, set up at the Civic Archaeological Museum of Feltre, offers an exclusive glimpse into the world of Feltre swordsmen and the excellence of their weapons that made them famous throughout Europe.

The exhibition reveals to the public about fifteen fascinating pieces – from a fourteenth-century baselard to blades, swords, stilettos and pole weapons – whose value and importance have been brought to light thanks to studies carried out on the occasion of the exhibition.

Between the end of the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Period, the production of blades was an internationally recognised excellence of Feltre and its region. A prestigious past to which Feltre now dedicates this exhibition.

The artifacts are visible in an itinerary that also represents an opportunity to discover some objects usually exhibited in the rooms of the Public Museum from a different perspective.

Source: IAT Feltre