Museo Batteria Pisani
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The Vettor Pisani Battery was built between 1909 and 1912. The battery, built in reinforced concrete, is made up of a central body of more than 80 metres long on a single level. Two parallel tunnel vaulted corridors lead to the 11-metre high telemetry turrets and to the two 30-metre long side wings. Due to the sandy nature of the soil, there were no natural observation points, therefore telemetry towers were widely used in the coastal batteries during the World War I in order to give the proper direction to the shots, as on a flat surface - both towards the mainland and the sea - it was very difficult to triangulate the shots. During the Great War, the battery stood only a short distance from the sea and the part facing it was concealed by a terreplain of sand.

Today it is possible to visit the restored Pisani Battery, today turned into a museum. Inside there are exhibitions that will lead you to discover the history that connects Cavallino Treporti to the Great War.