Motorbike tour in the Grappa Area

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Useful advice: The route is around146 km long, on well-maintained tarmac roads. The recommended period is from April to September.
An area with a beautiful landscape, rich in interesting historic cues, is undoubtedly Monte Grappa: a mountain belonging to the Venetian Prealps which marks a natural border between the provinces of Vicenza, Treviso and Belluno.
The moto-touristic route winds locations on the Vicenza side of the Grappa massif, leading to the discovery of places that were the stage of fierce battles and tragic events during the two World Wars. During the First World War, the summit became the linchpin of the Italian defence, among rock caverns and artillery emplacements which made the attacks of the Austrians useless. During the Second World War, the Grappa offered a refuge to partisans, many of whom were killed after Nazi-fascist troops raids and searches.

The route, about 146 kilometres long, starts from Bassano del Grappa (Vicenza) and joins the SP148 north, pausing for the first stop in Romano d'Ezzelino: here a visit to the Automobile Museum 'Bonfanti-Vimar'' is a must, due to its fine display of vintage cars. Following the SP148 we arrive at Monte Grappa, to visit the unmissable military memorial, ‘Sacrario Militare'.
After a break, we get back on our bikes, taking the SS50bis until Enego, then following the road to Foza and Gallio until, after many hairpin bends and breathtaking views, we reach Asiago. In the main centre of the Plateau of the Seven Communities, it is possible to visit several dairies in the area and taste the very famous cheese Asiago DOP. We then get back on the road and head towards Bassano del Grappa where a must see is the celebrated 'Ponte degli Alpini' -Alpine's bridge-.
In Asiago, it is worth visiting the Pennar Observatory, an important site dedicated to astronomical and astrophysics research. For enthusiasts of the most breathtaking views, do not miss crossing the Ponte Valgàdena, between the districts of Foza and Enego: it is the highest viaduct in Italy and the third highest bridge in Europe.