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Near Nervesa della Battaglia, you can find the remains of the Abbey of San Eustachio, where Monsignor Della Casa composed his Galateo in the 16th century.

Montello is a hill having red soil in the form of a huge ellipse; it stands isolated and clearly delineated, south of the current course of the Piave River. The entire area was the theater of bloody battles in the First World War and various military monuments have remained to bear witness to the history, such as the Ossuary of the Fallen Soldiers, the Monument to Francesco Baracca, the War Museum and the English War Cemetery.

The surroundings of Montello are characterized by the karstic hills with caverns and resurgences.
The woods and underbrush create an atmosphere of extraordinary beauty and magic: here you will find rare trees and flowers, such as mountain anemones, Christmas Rose, the Paris quadrifolia (also known as Herb Paris or True-lover's Knot) and Daphne Mezereum. Montello is also the perfect place for hikers and birdwatchers. In the vicinity of Nervesa della Battaglia you will find the ruins of the S. Eustachio Abbey, where Monsignor Della Casa wrote his Galateo [Etiquette] in the 1500s.
There are many Veneto villas scattered throughout the area, among which Villa Spineda-Gasparini-Loredan in Venegazzù, the Palladian Villa Sandi in Crocetta del Montello and Villa Barbaro in the nearby locality of Maser.

However Montello is also the ideal place for training cyclists or simply for people who want to write their bikes for pleasure. Because of its particular morphology, there is a good road along its entire perimeter called "Periplo", while the "Dorsale" [ridge] is more suitable for intense training.

How to get around: on foot or by bicycle

A high quality local wine is produced in the Montello Hills, called 'Montello Rosso' or 'Montello'. Wine that, from the 2011 harvest, has also been awarded DOCG status. There are numerous cellars in the local area where you can taste this wine.