Mis Lake

A few kilometres from Belluno, in the territory of the National Park of the Belluno Dolomites, the Lake and the Valley of Mis are the ideal destination for nature lovers looking for serenity.

At the entrance of the valley, at the bottom of Mount Vedana, the homonymous Certosa stands out in the landscape for the beauty of its architecture dating back to the XV century. It can only be seen externally since it currently hosts a community of cloistered nuns.

The Valley of the Mis was declared a protected area and has a small number of accommodation facilities. Nevertheless, a few miles away there are hotels, farm holidays, bed and breakfasts and guesthouses that know how to welcome tourists in a familiar atmosphere.

This is a place for classic Sunday day trips since it has a fully equipped picnic area directly on the lake.
Many different water sports can be done on this water: sailing, windsurf, canoeing and naturally fishing.

Beautiful hiking trails offer the chance to go into nature to discover the wonders of this park. It is easy to advance into the natural path in Val Falcina, or continue on up to Cadini del Brenton, beautiful ravines of green waters, or to the waterfalls of the Soffia, a cave where the water creates unique sprays of air and foam.

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