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Useful advice: Parking in Sottoguda at 200 m from the centre, 30 parking spaces

The Centre is situated in the district of Sottoguda, in direct proximity to the front where Italians and Austrians confronted one another between 1915 and 1917. Fighting was concentrated on the underground system of tunnels "Città di ghiaccio" (city of ice) at the heart of the Marmolada, now becoming more and more clearly visible because of the ice melt.
There are relics of past military confl icts all over the surrounding area: from the Padon Ridge to the Col di Lana, from the village of Malga Ciapela to the Fedaia Pass. Visitors walking the paths which crisscross this area will find opening up all around them an impressive and atmospheric natural landscape.

Località Sottoguda, 33 cap 32020 Rocca Pietore
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Tourist Information: +39 0437 721319

Suitable for both adults and children, it is a valuable opportunity that the valley offers to tourists, in order not to forget the suffering of the Great War.