Venice has always been considered one of the most romantic cities in the world: it’s the symbol of love and beauty par excellence, and the perfect setting for loving, getting married and experiencing love in Veneto.

The magic of the Grand Canal and the Rialto Bridge, the famous Saint Mark's Square with its impressing Basilica and the bell tower, alleys and bridges spreading across the islands and drawing its unmistakable profile. The history of the city is preserved and exhibited everywhere, testing its cultural and artistic vivacity.

Venice is a popular destination for people from all over the world, attracted by its matchless, dreamlike atmosphere and because of this many couples choose every year to spend their honeymoon here, enchanted by the city of Casanova.

Renaissance palaces overlooking the Grand Canal become prestigious venues for civil or religious ceremonies and refined wedding banquets. The historic cafés enclosing the Square, pride of the city, had always been considered a meeting place for artists and worldwide-known writers, but today they are also ideal locations for aperitifs and wedding receptions.

The Venetian Lagoon and its small islands offer beautiful views for romantic boat trips and the chance to discover peculiar aspects: nature, history, and traditions, such as the manufacturing of glass in Murano and of lace in Burano. Even the Lido of Venice, a strip of golden sand between the Lagoon and the Adriatic Sea, is a magical place to explore.

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