La leggenda di Belle e la Bestia
Event details Dance and theatre - Family and children On 7 January 2024 Conegliano Website Ask for info +39 3425374609
On Sunday 7 January 2024 at 4 p.m. at the Teatro Accademia in Conegliano, the Compagnia dell'Ora will stage the musical 'The Legend of Belle and the Beast'. Thanks to the texts and direction by Luca Cattaneo, the music by Enrico Galimberti and the choreography by Silvia De Petri, children and families will be enraptured by the musical.

The musical tells of a young prince living in a remote castle, who, as a result of his behaviour, is punished and transformed into a foul beast. The boy is forced to live with confused memories of his past. Only one person capable of loving him more than his own life can break the spell, rewinding the inexorable flow of time once again. This person is precisely Belle, the daughter of a widowed noble merchant, whom he meets by chance and with whom a happy ending seems to arrive. Following a series of misadventures with the story's antagonist, Miguel, who is ready to do anything to marry the young Belle, in the end love wins out over everything and allows Belle to return the Beast to its human form and to live happily ever after with the Princess he has been waiting for all his life.

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Source: IAT Conegliano