Le Filippiche
Event details Dance and theatre On 4 May 2024 Conegliano Website Ask for info +39057278903
The new theater show "Le Filippiche" (literally "The Philippics") by Filippo Caccamo will be held on Saturday 4 May 2024 at 9.00 pm at the Accademia theater in Conegliano.

Participants will be transported on an engaging journey into the artist's comedy, who will bring an assortment of hilarious, quirky and memorable characters to the stage.

Through a series of monologues and pressing dialogues, the artist deals with the dynamics of the world of teaching, where his first inspiration was born, but then expands well beyond the school context, embracing everyday life. Caccamo also addresses universal themes such as love, friendship, family relationships, everyday joys and problems. Using his skill with words and his musical talent, the artist transforms these common situations into moments of reflection, laughter and emotion.

A show that is both light but at the same time profound, thanks to the comedian's magnetic interpretation and his extraordinary ability to involve the audience. "Le Filippiche" aims to invite viewers to reflect and above all to recognize the importance of the small and large challenges that accompany us along the way.

Ticket presale is already active on the Teatro Accademia website and online on the TicketOne circuit.

Source: IAT Conegliano