The lakes of Revine

Immersed in Val Mareno between the Venetian foothills and the hills of Treviso are the two picturesque and characteristic glacial lakes of Santa Maria and Lago, which are commonly known as The Lakes of Revine.

Today they are separated by a small isthmus that once formed a large body of water formed after the melting of the large glaciers of the Piave, a suggestive area that is only a few steps away from Vittorio Veneto and Conegliano. The characteristic stone houses of the town of Revine Lago and its hamlets such as that of Tarzo are mirrored on the peaceful waters of the two lakes that are fringed with reeds and dotted with water lilies during the summer.

The origin of human settlements in these places has been lost in the mist of time. There have been some findings in a pit bog of Colmaggiore, a hamlet of Tarzo, which proved the existence of an antique village of pile-dwellings that can be seen today in a reconstruction in the Archaeological Didactic Park of Livelet. This park, which offers a fascinating trip in time, is equipped with structures dedicated to reception, education and experimental agriculture.

The light morning breeze allows novice sportsmen learn how to manoeuvre small sailboats and windsurfs.

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