ILLUSIONS EXHIBITION Get ready to see the world with new eyes!
Event details Exhibitions From 23 September 2023 To 25 February 2024 Padova Website Ask for info +39 389 554 0263

Open until 25 February 2024, the "Exhibition of Illusions" is an interactive itinerary dedicated to the fascinating world of optical and perceptual illusions, with over 100 spectacular illusions capable of exciting and surprising visitors. 

A combination of sets, images, first-person experiences and a large and innovative space dedicated to the experience of virtual reality will take audiences of all ages on a journey through the mysterious and engaging world of visual and perceptual illusions.

This is an exhibition that will entertain visitors by challenging the senses and the mind, in an unexpected and unpredictable way.

The exhibition arrives in Italy after a European tour, where it has appealed to thousands of visitors of all ages in search of a new and engaging experience.

Source: Iat Padova