Hang-gliding and Paragliding

If you are seeking a new and enchanting way to get to know the mountains and experience them from a unique perspective, why not try looking up? Gliding in a hang-glider or paraglider is undoubtedly an experience that will amaze you!

No special skills or experience is needed because the most simple method of approaching this sport is tandem flying which means being led by a skilled pilot. The take-off is the most thrilling moment: the pilot will provide you with all the necessary information for a good departure. Once harnessed and attached to the sail, all you need is to do is wait for an ideal gust of wind and take a few steps as if taking a brief run-up. You push off from the ground and find yourself floating in mid-air in an instant. Depending on the availability of the instructors, this experience can also be shared with friends.

However the paraglider is the only way of allowing man to fly almost like a bird. Spread out on your front, with the landscape flowing by beneath you. You can find the direction which you like best by just shifting your weight slightly. Note that paragliders are fast and therefore require a great deal of training from the pilot. 

In the area between Romano d'Ezzelino, Borso and Crespano, in the province of Treviso, the practice of this sport is particularly appreciated and well-known, so much so that the Grappa massif area is visited by schools groups from all over Europe. The international hang-glider and paraglider competition with the best pilots in the world takes place each year in Borso del Grappa. Fantastic views can be enjoyed above the Vicenza Pre-Alps, Asiago and the plateau of the Seven Municipalities, while in the province of Belluno, in Feltre,  you can fly over Monte Avena with the possibility of participating in the paragliding courses that run from March to November.