I Legnanesi: Guai a chi ruba
Event details Dance and theatre On 20 May 2024 Verona Website Ask for info (0039) 045 8011154
One of the most acclaimed Milanese theatre companies in Italy, I Legnanesi, returns to Verona on May 20th, 2024 at the Teatro Filarmonico in the show “Guai a chi ruba” (theatrical performance in Italian.)

A completely new show to embrace the many spectators who wait year after year to spend two carefree hours with the Colombo family - Antonio Provasio (Teresa), Enrico Dalceri (Mabilia), Italo Giglioli (Giovanni) - the other characters of the courtyard and the sparkling boys.

Growing up in a traditional family of healthy and authentic princes is a great fortune these days: Mabilia knows this well, who, aware of this privilege, participates in a charity competition and wins the “temporary adoption” of a troubled but incredibly overwhelming boy. And that's how Carmine joins the Colombo family, overwhelming everyone...

A text written by Mitia Del Brocco that, every year, masterfully combines tradition and innovation in constant balance as in this new show, in which the combination between the perfumes of the traditional courtyard and the inspiration taken from the hugely successful series “Mare fuori” will leave the spectators amazed, taking them inside to a fun, bright and fun show.

The Legnanesi, once again, give us a show full of rhythm, laughter and tradition.

Source: IAT Verona