The Great Rogation

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The history of the Great Rogation, the 33 km long procession through the Asiago Plateau that takes place every year on the Saturday before Ascension Day, has very deep roots.

It started as a well wishing walk for the harvest, but in 1600, after the great plague, it became a trail of thanks for the survivors, and the people of the Plateau have been doing it since then with great fervor.

The route of the Great Rogation - which can be walked all year round - goes around seven towns.

On the day of the procession, departure is scheduled around 6am, in front of the Duomo di Asiago. From there we move on to the old Lazzaretto, where Mass will be celebrated, then we reach Camporovere and stop for a snack. We then proceed to climb Mount Bi, and after 13 hours, at sunset, we return to the starting point, where a solemn Eucharist will be celebrated to end the procession.

The path is full of symbolic moments born of ancient traditions: during the stop in the Lazzaretto, girls give colored eggs to youths, who reciprocate upon reaching Gallio with pine twigs intertwined with flowers collected along the way.

The Great Rogation is a spiritual trail through pastures, mountains and lands in the unique environment of the Plateau.

The path is dotted with symbolic moments, the fruit of ancient traditions: the girls give the young men coloured eggs during the rest stop in Lazzaretto and these return the favour, in Gallio, on the way back, with pine twigs interwoven with flowers gathered along the way.