The Gnome Village

Route details Recommended period Summer Phone+39 0424 460003
Useful advice: Wear comfortable clothing and shoes, use the guides that will accompany you to discover the most beautiful corners of the park.
A few minutes from the centre of Asiago, in the woods of Pöslen, a wonderful world populated by gnomes awaits you. Yes, gnomes, these small creatures from Nordic countries have chosen this lovely landscape immerged in the plateau of the 7 municipalities as their home.

To feel this fairy-tale atmosphere and wander in the village of the "Small People", we suggest that you keep quiet and delicately walk through the dense fir woods and green fields. Do not be surprised if you meet magical creatures, like Siben, the mascot gnome of the plateau, and other fairy tale figures such as elves and fairies that may suddenly appear from their hideaways in the trees and spy on you.

This magic place dedicated to children, but not only, is inside a 90,000 squared meter park. In the Village of the Gnomes you will find their houses, and even their dens, still lived in... The small people live hidden among the woods, working hard and loving the peace and animals. Be careful not to scare these incredible and ancient creatures: that are friendly but also notoriously rude and may play a trick on you!
Beautiful stroll among the trees and the houses of the gnomes, do not miss a trip to the little waterfall and the pond in the summer.