Giardino Jacquard - foto di Andrea Tessaro
The Gardens of Alessandro Rossi

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Currently the Jacquard Garden is undergoing maintenance and restoration.

Villa Rossi and Giardino Jacquard are works that were developed and commissioned by the industrial figure Alessandro Rossi from 1860.
In the municipality of Schio at the foot of the Vicenza mountains, we find the late Romantic gardens Giardino Jaquard. The architect Caregaro Negrin showed his great skill in integrating new elements into this setting, creating a very special harmony of existing and new elements. An outstanding feature of this garden is the exedra glass house, which opens at the rear onto a network of grottos and hanging gardens. The Giardino Jacquard is remarkable for its eclectic architecture and the wide variety of exotic plants.

In the nearby municipality of Santorso, located at the foot of Mount Summano, stands the Park of Villa Rossi. This park, created in the second half of the 1800s, covers nearly 39 hectares and offers a wealth of botanic species, recalling the fashion at that time of "showing off" exotic plants.
The park is divided into an upper section, known as "delle Rive", originally used as farmland, while the more scenic setting is found in the lower section, called "del Laghetto" boasting a small lake enclosed by century old trees.

Parco Rossi is a welcoming space accessible to everyone, equipped with an integrated communication system, established according to the design for all principles. Thanks to a user-friendly, state-of-the-art visitor system, it ensures an experience suitable for children, adults, seniors, foreigners and people with motor or sensory disabilities.